The liberation of imperfection

Perfection is taught. To paraphrase Maria Toorpakai, we are born free.


To everything there is a season … turn, turn, turn.

“Autumn …. the year’s last, loveliest smile” – William Cullen Bryant (author) I love Autumn. Wandering through the heaths and parks, you can’t miss the distinct inward turn of energy in the air. An absolute contrast to the exuberance of summer. Its as if the trees have decided to say goodbye to all the partying…

#Delve: Grace

Sometimes words never seem enough to describe a situation or a concept. We try and come as close to it as we can but only a facet of what we really experience is revealed. I find grace one such concept: “to bring honour or credit to (something or someone) by one’s attendance and participation” ……

The King of Spice

I’ve got lots of strange habits. And this is probably one of my favourites. On days when the London sky is grey and I have woken up with absolute no motivation, I go into my kitchen and twist open the lid of an old jam jar where I keep my black peppercorns – and I…

Walking among the trees of Gladstone Park

I remember you guys in winter. You had lost all your leaves. Bare and bereft. Quiet, silent, sullen, withdrawn. I walked among you, telling you I’m worried, I’m afraid, I don’t know what to do. And there was space. For me to spill my worries. For you to listen. But it’s summer now. It’s noisy….

“We’re made of star stuff” Carl Sagan

Sometimes things catch you off-guard. You go looking for BIG revelations in retreats or when reading books and it never pans out and then you go about your normal stuff and BAMM it hits you. The sun is out in London today and it’s a big thing because we haven’t seen the sun in a…

Things take the time they take. Don’t worry.

We live in an impatient world. Part of it’s because we can do things now. I don’t have to wait days before I know what’s happening in Nepal. I can find out now. I don’t have to wait a week to catch the next episode of my favourite TV series. I can watch it now….

A high-maintenance wok OR listen to the lady in Chinatown

So I accidentally bought myself a high-maintenance wok. I was in Chinatown on the lookout for a wok because my old non-stick one seemed to look ‘off’. I saw a wok, it looked about right and I bought it. That would have been the end of the story except the nice Chinese lady at the…