Here’s a piece of advice

This is what I’ve realised about advice – it’s got a hell a lot to do with the person giving it.

It’s about their own fear about uncertainty or death. It’s about their discomfort with pain. It’s about not wanting to face the fact that sometimes life is not in their own hands.

A good friend is going through a bad time and my first reaction was to give her advice. But one look from her tired eyes and I know she had probably heard the same thing over and over again from everyone.

But I was feeling so helpless and I wanted to help. So I tried to be okay with my helplessness, her helplessness. With how little we both knew about life. I sat, let her steer the conversation, listened and laughed about old times.

Because sometimes you don’t need advice, you just want an acceptance of your vulnerability, your failings. And that you will be loved and adored – despite everything.




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