Signs – the sea birds and Alexandria

Chief architect of Alexandria, Dinocrates, needed to mark out the shape of the new city’s future roads, houses and water channels. But there was no chalk available so he used barley flour instead.

But when the grain was scattered to mark the relevant angles, flocks of sea birds would snoop down and feast.

Many considered this a terrible omen for the future city.

Alexander’s own personal soothsayer took it positively. He said this feeding frenzy was a sign that Alexandria would one day provide sustenance for the world.

One situation – two perspectives – each lending itself to different actions.

Often what you see as a sign is less about what the world is trying to communicate to you, more a signpost of your current headspace.

If it works for you, go for it. But mostly, see what it is saying about you and what you want. You’ll often be surprised at what you discover.




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