3 cirrusly interesting facts

What’s up with the weather today? Grey skies, lots of clouds.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 14.40.35

Last Thursday was GLORIOUS. Warm and toasty and the clouds in the sky were like beautiful paintings of thin, whispery feathers. I’ve had a fascination with clouds from young. Ever since my art teacher made us paint clouds for one of our assignments. I went outside, looked up at the clouds and saw … A TRAIN. I could make out the wheels, the carriages, the chimney. And so I painted a train … and promptly failed that assignment.

But we’re not here to talk about how my potential art career got stunted at the very beginning. It’s about the clouds today and thought I’d share three interesting facts about these cirrus clouds (source: Le Google):

1. They are formed at high altitude (in fact, they are the highest amongst the normal types of clouds) I guess cos it’s warm and the conditions required to turn water droplets to clouds (cold temperatures) can only be found at higher altitudes on warm days

2. They signal a warm weather front (no need to worry about carrying an umbrella if you spot these)

3. The name cirrus is derived from the Latin word, cirrus = curl of hair, tuft or wisp

Interesting. Now let’s all pray for some cirrus clouds.


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