What can I stream?

I need to become a youtube sensation.

I blame this new project I’m working on which has opened me up to a whole new world of gamers – twenty-year old kids who are making money from sitting in front of their laptops, streaming games. I LOVE them. I love how ‘into’ the games they are. I love the fact that they have fashioned a life for themselves, doing what they like outside of big corporations. I love their breezy confidence, their frankness and being so comfortable in their skin.

I wish I was them. But I’m from another generation. The one that feels weird sharing their private lives on social media beyond the food they ate and their political views. But more importantly, I wish I knew what I could stream!!

I discuss this with an ex-colleague.

“How about we stream our emails? That’ll be fun. We can comment on the stupid emails we receive and about the people we receive them from.”

“That’s kind of boring.”

“is it? Is it? Think about the shit we receive in our inbox all the time. And the exquisite effort it takes to craft cutting emails that seem perfectly polite. It’ll be SO FUN.”

I can already see my youtube channel. Maybe I’ll have different coloured dresses for different days of the week. Hmm, I could possibly score a professional hair salon sponsorship. Oh an every Wednesday, I’ll host an Ask Shoba vlog.

“Who would hire you? You’d be breaking corporate privacy laws.”

And just like that, the bubble bursts.


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I wish I was comfortable sharing my private life with everyone. Most of all, I wish I knew what I could stream!


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