Hand shake

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 12.22.40

Reading an article about scientists hypothesising on why handshakes form such an important part of our social interaction.

Handshakes do give out a lot of social cues. For example, when I meet someone new at work and it’s male and he gives me a firm, firm handshake, I know immediately to watch out for him 🙂

But apparently handshakes also came about due to our primitive behaviour of sizing up new people through their odours.

Dogs, rodents and mammals sniff themselves and others during social interaction and it seems we are no different. Our likelihood of us sniffing our right hand apparently increases after a handshake.

I find this horrifying. I don’t want to smell the weird, biochemical odours of strange people. Note to self – NEVER sniff your hands (unless after you’ve eaten a nice curry with your hands)


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