Your friends know more about your life

Interesting thought.

It says we are actually bad judges of our own character traits. Our friends know us better. So when it comes to what we know of ourselves or what’s best for us, it’s best to ask the advice of our friends.

I don’t know. Sometimes I think other people’s opinions can cloud your own judgement. This is definitely what I realized when I went flat hunting. Everyone had different tastes and ended up pointing out so many things to me that I just got really confused about what I actually wanted.

Also, seeking out the opinions of others who’ve done similar things before you make a decision also comes with it’s own problems. Everyone’s situation is unique. And if you ask enough people, each one gives you a different opinion. When I was thinking of quitting, I went out of my way to talk to others who’ve done it before and I would say 50% of them said it was life-changing for them and encouraged me to do it. The other 50% said it was the worst mistake they every made and deeply regretted it. So still I had to ask myself why I wanted to do this and if my reasoning was sound or if I was prepared for the worst.

But I’m definitely going to ask my friends when they think I will die. This is going to make for some really interesting dinner conversation on Friday.


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