And the person I’d like to have dinner with is ….

I keep imagining myself as a finalist at a Miss Universe contest and then they ask me who I’d lie to have dinner with. I know I should probably say Obama or Ghandi but honestly, the person I’d really want to meet now is Marie Kondo –

So many people have mentioned her to me. Maybe because people think I’ve been simplifying my life or maybe because they know what a fervent declutter and clean freak I am. I blame my living conditions growing up – a big family in a flat and with parents who believed that throwing things away were a mortal sin. Fans would spoil in our place and my Dad would refuse to throw it away – “I’ll repair it.” So it lies somewhere under the dark recesses of my brother’s bed. My brother only just managed to get rid of my study table that my Dad bought for me when I was 10. “You can never find wood like this nowadays.” I think my brother smuggled it out one day when my Dad was not around.

So my flat is quite bare. I only ever buy things that I really need or that I think are pretty and very few things usually strike me as pretty. I’m not someone who usually has multiple pairs of something. I have one pair of boots, one pair of sandals and one good pair of slippers. And what I’d really like to do every New Year’s Eve is stay at home and deep cleanse the flat so I can get up to a clean, serene flat on new year’s day. But I usually don’t tell people that. They might think I’m crazy.

I’d love to have Marie for dinner and get her to organise my flat. Oh, the fun we would have colour coding my wardrobe (which by the way, is semi-colour coded already) and folding my t-shirts origami style.


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