Things that take your fancy

It’s been one of those frantic days when you don’t even have time to think or plan what you are doing. You are just doing.

Obviously, it’s my fault. I usually jot down THE PLAN for the day either the night before or the morning itself but I’ve recently gotten into a very bad habit of watching TV at night till I fall asleep on my couch and getting up late in the morning. Which means, I get up and dive straight into what first catches my attention (bad, bad strategy).

Anyways, it’s been frantic and my mind’s just been buzzing and I’m trying to calm myself down so I can sleep. So to try and calm the mind (or actually distract it from worrying), I ask myself what is the most beautiful thing I saw today. And the answer arrives – “pink fingernails.”

I had a meeting today and the person sitting across me had pink nail polish on. Hot pink. I guess it made an impression because the days have been so grey and London’s colour palette is so muted during winter. It was the first pop of colour I had seen all week (perhaps weeks).

I need to get some of that hot pink into the flat. Somehow.

Great, NOW my mind is going crazy with home furnishing possibilities. Grrrr


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