Peak productivity hours

I was reading an article by Caroline Williams on peak productivity hours.

If you want to do some involved thinking – tasks that require immense focus and concentration, your best bets are the slots between ten to 12 noon and four to ten pm.

As most of us can attest, two to four pm is afternoon slump time. Nothing really seems to work, I know my brain doesn’t and apparently this is more to do with your body temperature dipping than the type of lunch you’ve had. I always try and move around during this period i.e. get my chores done, clean the house, etc so it feels like it has counted for something 🙂

Surprisingly, the two hours after you’ve woken up apparently isn’t the best time for focused work. Now, I’ve always struggled with this because you always hear people going on about how they’v done every important task in the early morning. I do get up early but I’ve always struggled to get on with things that require a lot of thinking in the morning. I must say it is a good time to just reset and plan out the rest of your day though. It gives you more control and makes you feel like you’ve started the day on a powerful note.


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