Tis the season

Growing up in hot, tropical Singapore, the seasons were an alien concept. It was hot throughout the year, we wore the same clothes throughout the year. Yes, it might be rainier in December and January but usually we went about our lives with little attention to the weather.

Things are different in London. You really get a greater sense of the external energy here. I think its safe to say we’re in winter now. The days are short, it’s proper cold now. It takes 5 minutes to wrap up before you leave your home. The trees have starting shedding their leaves and so have some of my plants.



I hate the cold but I try and do the small winter related things to make me happy during this season. I cook stews and soups that seem too heavy and rich to consume during summer. I light my favourite scented candles. I have decadent cups of hot chocolate (ok, I have this throughout the year but I feel more entitled to have it now). I don’t go out as much and this becomes my excuse to subscribe to netflix which single-handedly gives me the most joy ever. I would hate doing it all year but when it’s cold outside, there’s nothing more I love than to flop onto my couch with a mug of hot choc and some popcorn and catch my favourite programmes one after the other.

… until Spring approaches. Who knows what it will bring?




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