Reminder to self – the world is big

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 13.05.18

This is the shot of earth from China’s spacecraft as it went about the far side of the moon. I’ve only seen the earth like this in pictures and when you see it with the moon as a focal point, it really reverses your perspective.

When I stumble on things like this, it reminds me of the time I sat on a cliff facing the sea in Phuket. The sun was setting and my friends were late meeting me so it was just me and the big, huge sea and all I could think of was – the world is so big, how did I make my world so small?

Earlier this year, with an endless cycle of going to work, getting overwhelmed, stressed and unhappy – I was still scared to make a change as I thought I would be broke the rest of my life and I would really, never amount to anything (yes, I’m a drama queen. I blame all that Indian movies I watch). But then the evening in Phuket came to mind and I reminded myself that I will never let my world become so small that I’m scared to quit a job that wasn’t making me happy.

Yesterday was quite demotivating. Sending out CVs is a mind-numbing, soul-destroying exercise but tonight, I’m going to sit outside on my terrace and look up at the stars. Just to remind myself again that the world is so, so big.


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  1. It really is big and you are so right. We make it small. In that truth is power 😉


    1. shobaharidas says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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