A rainbow in the London sky

The remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo vented it’s strength on London on Tue. I woke up to howling winds and all my plants outside horizontal. I tried to go out and deadhead my lavender plants but gave up after awhile. It was pelting with rain.

I had wanted to go out but figured today was a day best spent indoors so I sat down and caught up with my emails as I’d been out of town for a couple of days. I’m in the midst of applying for jobs (as money is running out fast) and it’s been difficult when there are no replies. I was getting caught up in another day of nothing and then I looked up.


It was a rainbow. Not just a sliver of rainbow but a whole rainbow across the whole sky. I realized I was holding my breath as I thought it would disappear if I breathed. It was my first full rainbow!!! Ever!! And then, the rain came pelting down again and it was gone … like it was never even there.

What if I hadn’t looked up?

We all don’t want to miss out on the good things life offers but sometimes in the humdrum of life, we are so often caught up with catching the train on time, finishing our errands and mentally reviewing our to-do list while waiting for the lifts. Sometimes we are so focused on our hopes and dreams for the future that we forget to cross the wide gap between the life we want and the life we currently have which may not be perfect but comes with it’s own small joys and comforts as well.

So every night before I go to sleep, I’ve started writing down 3 joys I’ve had each day. A bit like the gratitude journal people talk about. Except, I’m more comfortable with ‘joy’. It just feels less eeky than gratitude.  My list is nothing spectacular. It’s not as if I had tea with the Queen. It’s more along the lines of sharing a laugh with my parents on Skype, speaking to a good friend or having a really beautiful meal which I cooked for myself.

This article from Time.com says it helps train your brain to be happy – http://time.com/3476138/three-ways-train-your-brain-be-happy/

I don’t know about happy. I’m not generally a chirpy, happy person but this practice definitely anchors me to the present – I’ve got a tendency to float and get lost in the future. And it makes me more stable and content. Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve started noticing the small joys and comforts of my life more, things I often discount and overlook. It reminds me how much I have, even right now. Also, you’d be surprised at what actually makes you smile and feel content.

Sometimes its a struggle to find a single joy and that’s when I know I’m so caught up with wanting something that I don’t have and nothing else will do. That’s a sign for me to relax and recharge.

Take a breather and look up tomorrow. What did you find?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. thenoveilst says:

    That name sounds like a devotee name. Perhaps you know the soho temple or the Manor? Haribol 🙂


    1. shobaharidas says:

      Hi Haribol, no actually, I haven’t heard of both. Shoba


      1. thenoveilst says:

        That’s so funny, because your name is like the name of a Hare Krsna devotee 🙂 because I follow that culture, I spotted it straight away, but anyhow… thank you. 🙂


  2. YZ says:

    Thanks for sharing the three joys of the day practice. I think I will start trying it, even if it’s not every day 🙂


    1. shobaharidas says:

      Nice. Let me know how it goes Ms Zhu


  3. shobaharidas says:

    Yeah, it’s my surname. Hari = God Das = servant. It’s a common south indian name


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